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New Student



What music classes do you offer?

The Rancho Campana music department has something for every type of musician. Every class teaches a wide variety of styles so the official name of a class may not tell the whole story. We have Symphonic Band, Concert Choir, and Guitar Ensemble. Symphonic Band is the official class name (for now) for our Full Orchestra, which includes strings. We also perform jazz at most concerts year round as part of the Band literature.


NOTE: If you are not sure which class to take please ask the Music Director, Mr. Sachs.


What options do I have if I don't own my own instrument?

We own a variety of relatively common instruments already and may be able to check one out to you. We also can help you connect with a reputable dealer that will help you purchase or rent one if those are paths you are interested in.


Do I have to be in the Arts Academy to take music classes?

Any student can take music classes regardless of the academy they are in. We want all students to be well rounded.


Do you offer Marching Band?

We do not currently offer Marching Band at RCHS. However, students can take Marching Band at ACHS or RMHS (or whichever is the home high school) as long as certain other criteria are met. Any student in Marching Band MUST be in a music ensemble at RCHS concurrently.