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About Rancho Campana High School Monarch Music

Never stop growing

Rancho Campana music seeks to have something for every type of musician. Whether a student wants to learn the nuances of a traditional instrument or develop the energy of a modern pop performance they will have a place in the Monarch Music Program.

Music Department Programs

Concert Band

The Concert Band is geared to help students perfect their skills in winds or percussion. This ensemble plays a wide variety from classical, jazz, and pop to new compositions that have yet to be defined.

Guitar Ensemble 1 and 2

Both Guitar Ensembles teaches students all extremes of guitar playing from traditional reading of classical literature to modern guitar playing using fully electric equipment. Guitar 1 is open to beginners at any level. Guitar 2 requires previous experience and the Director's recommendation.

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir seeks to strengthen the singing ability of each singer no matter where they are in their musical journey. Concert Choir teaches traditional sight reading as well as skills needed for modern performances with improvised elements.

Violin Shop

Chamber Orchestra

Our Chamber Orchestra is one of our small ensembles that focuses on repertoire that uses predominantly string instruments. We often combine them with wind and percussion instruments that are common in most orchestral literature. Our Concert Choir also has utilized our Chamber Orchestra as their accompaniment.


Jazz Band

We are pleased to announce that our Jazz Band attended and scored "Excellent" at their first SCSBOA Jazz Festival on Saturday, March 7, 2022! This was a great experience and we look forward to many more like it!

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“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art”

- Claude Debussy

  French Composer, 1862 - 1918

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